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"Lindsay Roberts stops the show with a boisterous "Queenie's Ballyhoo."

Edge Media

Although there are several great voices in the cast, the show’s undeniable queen of searing soul is Lindsay Roberts who repeatedly raises the roof as the juke joint’s star, Felicia Farrell. She zings them in with the infectious gospel tune “Make Me Stronger," the heartfelt honesty of “Colored Woman" and the sugarpop appeal of Felicia’s first recording, “Someday."

Encore Michigan

"Lindsay Roberts, as Deloris Van Cartier, gives a knockout performance as the disco diva who needs to hide out as a nun after she witnesses a murder."

Broadway World

"Certainly it should be noted that Lindsay Roberts, who stepped in for the lead role of Felicia, was an absolute knock-out. The word understudy should never be used next to Lindsay Roberts’ name. She grabbed her role by the scruff of its neck, slung it around over her head and hurled it out into the audience."

Tuscon Blogspot


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As his beloved Sarah, Lindsay Roberts uses her meltingly beautiful and darkly timbred soprano to sculpt memorable moments such as the lullaby "Your Daddy's Son" and the duet "Wheels of a Dream.

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